Ibiza is a busy and crowded island, especially during the peak season time. If you are an at-risk individual or just want to spend a vacation in total privacy and safety for you and the ones you love, you might require personal security services, either for your villa, or your exploration around the island. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary safety without setting aside your privacy.

Our security partners are highly trained to identify and analyze any threats or discomforts that may occur and address them with tact and professionalism. Our trusted partners occupy numerous highly skilled private security professionals who have been trained in providing exclusive private security services in order to offer quality service, safety, and privacy during your stay in Ibiza.


In the case that you are visiting Ibiza with valuable items in your luggage, it is advised to consider private security guards for your luxury villa to assure ultimate privacy and safety. In the past, there have been cases of theft in villas, hence arranging a security guard to patrol the property for the day and night hours that you may not be there will certainly help you keep your peace of mind and enjoy your holiday with no worries.

Trained personnel will guard your villa for your required amount of time either if that is a couple of hours, overnight or all day long. Your safety and enjoyment while in Ibiza is a top priority for us.