Fashion and culture have merged in Ibiza since the 60s, the bohemian scene has been in a constant state of movement. The island is known for its azure sea, super clubs and bohemian fashion. Since the 60s, Ibiza’s fashion scene has been in a constant state of flow and change. Each decade bringing a new wave of an assortment of eclectic fashion brought out through the ideals of each generation and current trends. However, the hippy-chic style of embroidery, tie-dye and flowing summer dresses remain the dominant trend. With more 90’s inspired rave gear following as a close second. Due to Ibiza inviting those from across the globe, different influences from Morocco, mainland Spain, India, Bali and many more have become part of the Ibizan aesthetic.




In the 1960s, a wave of peace and love set their moccasin clad sandy toes on the shores of a little fishing island called Ibiza. Inspired by the times and climate, loose-fitting peasant dresses, seashell necklaces. Big straw hats filled with bright colours and groovy prints were seen from north to south. Today this can still be seen through Ibiza’s cobbled streets, open-air markets like Las Dalias in San Carlos & Punta Arabi market in Es Cana and bougie boutiques like Aurobelle in Santa Gertrudis. This style is easy and breezy with an effortless charm, with a wealth of patterns (tie-dye, paisley and psychedelic swirls). Accessories (leather headbands, flower crowns, and everything peace symbols) and flowing silhouettes that mirror the free spirit ideals of Ibiza’s first tourist tribe. This look can easily be achieved with a flowing dress, straw hat, flower crown and leather booties. A funky button-down, blue jeans, and some handmade jewellery complete a laid-back bohemian look for men. The more fun with prints, patterns and fabrics you play with, the groovier it gets!




The next wave of fashion came in the ’90s with the appearance of the super clubs and rave scene. Anything tight, sturdy and cyberpunk was in. If you could dance for days and it never budged, the more, the better. The start of the 90s was heavily influenced by electronic dance music and anything grime was in. The key piece in any closet was the yellow smiley face, an iconic symbol for this generation, especially as the acid house movement began picking up speed and brands like Stussy and Freshjive became the unofficial rave wear. The mid/ late 90s pushed in a cyber direction with crazy prints, glow in the dark, everything and anything with crazy cut-outs. A great way to bring this trend into a wearable street style is to take a key piece. For example, cut out trousers with a more modern swimsuit material top and funk it up with some crazy sunglasses and experimental hairstyles. This style is very versatile and unisex.




Fashion and culture merge in Ibiza the bohemian scene since the 60s with a collection of different styles, mixing traditional bohemian prints with rave-style silhouettes to chic island wear perfect for lazing around a beach club or villa. Everywhere you look, you see odes to the beautiful cosmopolitan nature of this energetic island. Beachwear has incorporated itself into the latest fashion with bikini tops and knitted coverups and a full circle to 1960s and 1970s style with flairs and bell-bottoms the next big thing on the runway. The influx of different nationalities worldwide means that colours are more extensive, new embroidery techniques are used, and the silhouettes have transformed to create diverse styles, textures, prints, and colours. Ibiza has a range of unique places to find clothes. From new high-street brands, vintage stores and handmade crafts available at the much-loved markets. A few great places to try are Ibiza Town with its eclectic mix of designer goods, complete bargains and shops like Zara to get the latest trends at an affordable price. As you journey around the different towns and beaches here, you will find a plethora of unique pieces that will add a little slice of the beautiful white shores of Ibiza to your wardrobe.