There is something about strolling through the cobbled stone lanes of Dalt Vila that creates a sense of mystery. The soft golden lights twinkle from inside charming bars and restaurants that entice you in with smooth Spanish crooning. Enjoy the smell of fresh garlic prawns sizzling in pots and pans. The energy here is tangible with a different story everywhere the eye glances. People slow dancing to a lone guitar player as friends exchange tales, and children create stories of pirates and princes ransacking the stone-paved streets and townhouses. Here you will find an assortment of quirky fashion, palm trees and bougainvillea that fill the warren of streets with plenty of colour and excitement in each nook. One of my favourite is the little store on Carrer de la Santa Creu called Annie’s Ibiza. This institution has seen many celebrities, models and an eclectic mix of fashion lovers from across the globe. You are instantly drawn in by the ambient music that floats across the sun-kissed streets while inviting you into the glamorous gold velvet-lined walls of Annie’s Ibiza. Here you will find a range of colours, fabrics and textiles all harmoniously blending into a line of glitz and glam with romantic lighting illuminating each of these stunning garments. The opening event was filled with champagne, dazzling dresses and an energetic atmosphere. Annie and her staff are well versed in creating a movie montage feel found in the likes of Sex and the City or The Devil wears Prada. Each shopper feels taken to another fantasy world of vintage 1940s gowns or space-age bodysuits. There is something for everyone with bohemian chic dresses that feel sumptuous on the skin or life of the party frocks that dazzle. After you get your shopping thrill, this stunning area offers a range of excellent Mediterranean restaurants that offers fresh local produce and cuisine. Opposite Annies is the beautiful La Oliva and has an intimate and romantic atmosphere. With a varied menu filled with 35 years of culinary experience and seamlessly creates Mediterranean cuisine that beautifully combines with Asian touches. A few of their must-have dishes include Zucchini Carpaccio with roasted Ibizan almond and Parmigiano alongside Salmon with sesame crust, ginger and teriyaki. Another fantastic restaurant to try in Dalt Vila is Daruma Ramen Ibiza which is loved by locals and tourists alike for its Japanese cuisine. Try the ramen, gyoza and yakitori, and you won’t be disappointed! For those who love secret hidden treasures, find the room that was only discovered in 2002, full of pottery, armaments and plenty of other 13th century objects that create a sense of what Ibiza was pre super clubs. The mystery room connects the two towers of the castle during the Arab occupation and would be used as an escape when being attacked. A magical end to the night is found in the open-air cinema, which is filled with slouchy beanbags, tulips and soft pink glowing lights. Creating an ambience of midsummer nights and fairy fantasy, especially as it is nestled in the century-old walls. The Cinema Paradiso shows the latest films and classic titles, which can be enjoyed with a glass of wine and freshly popped popcorn. Dalt Vila is an extraordinary part of Ibiza. A land lost in time while still feeling contemporary and filled with plenty of atmosphere and energy. No matter summer or winter, this UNESCO world heritage site is bristling with a cosmopolitan mix of people and fashion and filled with fresh food from all around the globe. This special place is a must-see for any trip to Ibiza to fully appreciate its history in the walls that have seen the world go past, all while the gently lapping Mediterranean Sea sparkles below.