There’s an amazing family side to Ibiza that few people know. All-age family Ibiza holidays are epic! Most see Ibiza as the isle of all things ‘extra’, eat, sleep, rave, repeat. However, Ibiza has another lesser-known side of tranquil beach days, family holidays, activities and cultural expeditions. More and more extended families are choosing all-age family Ibiza holidays in Ibiza Luxury Villas. Providing freedom for adults, combining relaxation and fun. Ibiza is generally a safe, and child-friendly island with lots of suitable restaurants, pedestrian areas and activities available to all ages. This island has a lot to offer extended families, with a range of activities, such as the Aguamar water park. Known for being wet and wild with a kids pool for younger children. Fast and furious slides for older and more adventurous children a wonderful contribution to an all-age family Ibiza holiday. One of our favourite family villas is the state of the art family Villa Dominica.




For a more relaxed cultural and musical day, head to one of the fantastic hippy markets on the island, such as Punta Arabi. The biggest and oldest hippy market. It has a multitude of designers, crafts, live music, food and even a kids area where children can get their face painted. Creating their very own custom teeshirts and much more.




The beaches are of course the big attraction. The south of the island offers calm sandy coves with bars, restaurants and beach clubs. Many children friendly with a fantastic array of different cuisines and, of course, a menu for kids classics. The north of the island is rugged, stunning beaches with crystalline waters and an overall quieter atmosphere. There are fewer restaurants on these beaches, so best to plan and take a packed lunch for a charming seaside picnic. A few child-friendly beaches are Cala Llonga, located in an inlet near Santa Eulalia, especially welcoming as it boasts a children’s playground and mini amusement park. Cala Llentrisca (on the southwest side of the island, just past Es Cubells) for a spot of off-the-beaten-track tranquillity. Stake a claim on your very own bay at the secluded Sol d’en Serra, which can be found near the far more popular beach of Cala Llonga. Cala Llenya is located north of Santa Eulalia and offers more shade than Cala Llonga, making it an excellent picnic spot. The shallow water at Cala Llenya also makes it an ideal wading area for grandma and toddlers.




A fan favourite is a trip to the sparkling shores of the beautiful Formentera. Known for being the smallest of the Balearic Islands. Having an extra laid back atmosphere and calm white sandy beaches. Formentera also draws a more relaxed crowd due to the lack of super clubs. There is a ferry that sets sail from Ibiza towns port and lands you in Formentera. Another more private way to travel is by speedboat (perfect for older adrenaline loving kids and parents). Or simply hire a sailing yacht to calmly glide you across the azure Mediterranean Sea. Enjoying a glass of cava, while the children try to spot the dolphins happily pirouette across the ocean’s surface.




The eerie series of caverns seem to be dripping long shadows of smugglers routes, where the markings on the walls can still be seen etched into the rock. At the end of the tour, enjoy spectacular music and a light show complete with a 30 ft. water cascade. It doesn’t hurt that it’s significantly cooler inside of the caves and a great way to take a break from the hot Ibiza sun.




Another way to enjoy some shade and a little ocean education is to head to the Cap Blanc Aquarium. A wonderful place filled with bright colours, weird shapes and all things sea life. It is located in a large natural cave with openings in the rocks to allow seawater to flow freely in and out of the cave. It offers a whole range of sea life to see from different fish species, octopus, rays, and much more can be found. As a bonus, there is a sea turtle rehabilitation area, where wild sea turtles are nursed back to health, and a bar and terrace area for a little pick me up snack. An excellent place for all things child friendly is to visit the amazing workshops at MiniIbiza. They offer various activities and services from babysitting, art workshops, cooking, gardening and yoga. Each activity is designed to harness creativity, discover new things and explore new skills. Their latest project has taken over the organisation and running of the kids club in the prestigious Hotel Nobu Ibiza Bay. Ibiza has long since had the stereotype of a wild party island; however, with the current changes in the world. There’s a huge push to create an overall enjoyable all-age family Ibiza holidays. With a focus on nature, harmony and providing those who set foot on our sandy shores. A remarkable range of unforgettable experiences and freedom that families of all ages will remember forever.